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What we do: We Listen,We Create, We Provide

First, we listen to your needs in order to have a better idea of what product will benefit you best, whether it be an oral, a topical, or a combination.  After a short informative conversation we will create your custom order. Once your order is in your hands, we provide unrivaled customer support.

Who we are:

Born out of passion and a heart of service, Orange Pistil, is a local, Christian, family-operated business located in New Braunfels, Texas. With over ten years of experience, we have a deep-rooted understanding of cannabis in relation to health and overall wellness. We believe in treating each customer as an individual that possesses a unique set of needs.  We love sharing our knowledge of the various benefits and applications of the cannabis plant and how cannabinoids, such as CBD, and their terpene constituents work best synergistically. We have been blessed with the ability to bring comfort and wellness to our neighbors and believe that it is our duty to share this gift with you. We are a small-batch, custom product maker. We believe in simplicity, as to not confuse the consumer, and we have developed a standard oil product that fits all needs when dosed accordingly. Consultation is our pleasure, as no two people are the same when it comes to your personal needs. We have the ability to customize your product with various natural terpenes in order to help the cannabinoids express their healing capabilities. All products are made from certified, tested, organic cannabis flower, grown in legal states. The flowers that we use in our extractions can be traced right back to the farm that they came from!

How to shop for CBD products:

Let’s compare apples to apples, why don’t we? The products on the flooded CBD market are enough to make a seasoned shopper’s head spin. Allow us to cut through the nonsense! Grocery stores break products down into common units so that you can properly compare them to one another. When shopping for cannabinoids, such as CBD, we will be breaking things down into PRICE PER MG. After all, what are we buying here? Olive oil? Flavoring? Coconut oil?  NO! We are paying for CBD!

Here is the magic formula:

For instance, if your product costs $83 and contains 1000mg of CBD, then you are paying $0.083 per mg. You now possess almost all you need to know about shopping for cannabinoid products. Quality is the next consideration!

A word on quality:

Hands down, the most important aspect of your product, especially when dealing with chronic disease, is quality. Quality and appropriate dosage determine whether or not you will benefit or turn your back and tell folks “that stuff doesn’t work.” We determine quality by looking at the starting extraction material, the extraction method, and finally, the cannabinoids and terpenes retained within the final extract itself. Terpenes are molecules responsible for giving plants their scents and tastes. Terpenes also work along with CBD to help it produce a variety of desired effects. Learn more in the links provided! Another very important factor to consider is whether or not pesticides are in the final product. You always want to go organic!! Organic is good for you and good for the environment.




How to order:

Call, or e-mail! Shipping available nationwide and local delivery available in New Braunfels.

Call: (830)400-7023
E-mail:  dusty@orangepistil.com