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Orange Pistil is a small-batch, custom cannabis product maker that specializes in creating original products of the highest quality and efficacy at a compassionate price. We are a Christian, family-operated business located deep in the heart of Texas.

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Migraines, sleep problems and chronic lower back pain GONE since starting CBD oil from Orange Pistil one month ago. Prior to starting I’d had a 3-week migraine. I’ve only had one headache since starting. Excellent product and Dusty is a fountain of CBD knowledge.

Janet S., Retired

I am not sure if the Topical Salve is meant for wounds, but I’ve been using it for that. I cut my hand on barbed wire two weeks ago. I couldn’t get it to heal up so I used Orange Pistil’s Topical Salve on the wound 3 days ago and it’s dang near healed up!

Keith S., Rodeo Sports Medicine

I honestly never thought CBD would help with my anxiety and panic attacks. I would indulge in alcohol to help with them and haven’t drank in over a month. After finishing the bottle I have ordered another. Best investment ever! Thanks Orange Pistil for the best product out there!

Brittany M., Nurse

We took our dog off steroids all together and have been giving him 4mg (4 drops) morning and night of Orange Pistil Oral Tincture. He’s no longer swollen, bloated and miserable and he has lost 1lb and is moving around better!

Melanie E. , Realtor

I had sleep issues and began taking CBD oil about a month ago. I’m now getting a good nights sleep!

Kay S., Retired

The best products! Dusty’s customer service/products are over and beyond expectations. He takes the time to listen & pinpoint your needs. A++ all the way. Thank you for helping my family!

Jeri G.

I’ve been using the Oral Tincture from Orange Pistil for 8-9 months now. It has helped level out my blood sugar . No more pocket snacks! My family has prostate problems, and being 63, I noticed results quickly just being able to urinate better. I also trimmed off five pounds. Didn’t see that coming. My sleep patterns have been better also.
Dusty has been most helpful in getting me in better health. Don’t buy generic cbd oil when you can get the real thing and support a small business too! Don’t wait guys. Get yours ordered and start feeling better!

Steve B, Rancher

I’ve been using CBD oil for a little over a year.  With it, I have managed arthritis pain and  debilitation in mainly my hands, but in other joints also.  It is much more effective than over the counter drugs, and even painkillers.  Keeps me going!!!

Jerald, 75 year old male.

Jerald G., Retired

Since I have been taking the CBD oil my heart Dr. said that my heart sounds better. Also I have stopped taking medication for anxiety and  reduced my blood pressure medication by 50 percent. Along with that I can actually urinate with no problems and sleep is better. Seems to be the ticket.

Randy D., Retired

The purest CBD around. It helps me sleep at night. Thanks Dusty.

Marshall S., Insurance Sales

After trying CBD oil from a different company and getting little to no results for my anxiety I reached out to Dusty. He talked to me to understand my specific needs and hooked me up with oil that’s been working great. I’m less stressed and anxious during the day and I’m sleeping better at night! Definitely recommend this family owned, local business!

Ashley M.

I have been in constant pain, (back pain), for 3 years. I’ve had a colonoscopy, x-rays, ultra sounds, MRI’s, doctors from primary care, rheumatologist, orthopedic surgeons, Pain Management doctors, diagnosed as bruised ribs, hairline fracture, colon issue, degenerative disc, pinched nerve, OMG. I began receiving injections in my back in May, every 2 weeks, last one received last Monday. By Sunday, I couldn’t stand it anymore so I began taking CBD oil last Sunday night, and within 24-36 hours, I felt almost pain free, the 2nd time in 3 years. It’s been a blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you,  I hope and pray that this continues to get better and better. God is Good.

Todd W., Retired

I have had leg spasms/cramps for more than 30 years. They became so much worse after I had my spine fused. I have had many medical tests to determine the cause; I’ve tried every product on the market for leg cramps all to no avail.
I started taking CBD oil and by the 2nd night I was able to sleep the night through without having to jump up every hour or so to walk off the cramps. One week later and still no cramps!!!

Kathie W., Retired

It is helping immensely.  I can now walk any distance I like and am starting recover my ability to lift and bend!

Nikki G., Retired traveler

I could not be more pleased with the products that we receive through Orange Pistil. It has honestly given my child his quality of life back. Such a blessing to us! When doctors could not figure out how to help our child we received our answered prayers through Dusty. The pain, spasms, and the meds (with horrendous side effects) were taking a toll on our son!  He was able to wean himself off of the meds and I’m happy to say we have our “old” son back. We do not have the words that could express our appreciation. Forever grateful customers.

Candace E., Full Time Mamma

I have severe joint pain. I had not slept through the night in years, waking up 2-3 times every night. The FIRST NIGHT I took the Oral Tincture from Orange Pistil, I slept all night! After a week of sleeping all night I noticed besides feeling rested and less tired, joint pain is considerably better. Same for my husband. He also has eye issues, high pressure, etc. we haven’t had his pressure checked recently but he’s seeing better!  He uses readers but he mentioned it was quite a bit better.  My hip pain is so much better, about 75% better!  We are believers!




9:00am – 6:00pm




9:00am – 6:00pm