Under 12 years old: Start with 3mg CBD (three drops of Orange Pistil 1500mg Oral Tincture)
Over 12 years old: Start with 6mg CBD (six drops of Orange Pistil 1500mg Oral Tincture)

**Each drop of our 1500mg Oral Tincture contains approximately 1mg of CBD. This makes dosing super easy! Each full 1ml dropper contains 50mg CBD.

The general rule of thumb for dosing is “start low and go slow”. Sometimes this means an introductory dose as low as 5mg for adults. From here, you can increase by a few mg every few days until the benefit that you are looking for is achieved. If your dose interferes with daily function, then your dose is too high and should be dialed back and increased only once your tolerance has caught up. The idea is to obtain positive benefits while avoiding negative effects such as lethargy or decrease in cognitive function. Cannabis is always a better medicine when dosed multiple times per day in order to maintain constant levels of cannabinoids within the body. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are an easy way to remember to take your oral preparation. If you are having issues sleeping, then your last dose of the day can be taken an hour before you wish to be able to fall asleep and the dose can be greater than your normal daytime doses. If you have trouble waking the next morning, then your evening dose is too high and if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, then your evening dose is too low.

Finding your correct dose is a very personal journey, be analytical!

Topicals should be applied as needed. It is really that simple!

If you are using a product via inhalation, start with one small inhalation and then always wait 15-20 minutes before deciding that you need more. Use responsibly as needed.

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