Jennifer Horan


HOMETOWN: New Braunfels, Texas


  • 2019 NPC Teen Collegiate and Masters Nationals
    1st place over 40 class F (earned pro status)
    2nd place over 35 class F
  • 2019 Universe National Show
    2nd place Masters over 35
    3rd place Masters over 40
    5th place Open class H
  • 2018 Universe National Show
    4th place Masters class F over 35
    7th place Masters class D over 40
    7th place Open class H
  • 2018 NPC Southeast Texas Championships
    1st place Open
    1st place Masters
  • 2017 North Americans National Show
    7th place over 40
    9th place over 35
    16th Open class
  • 2017 Universe National Show
    4th place Masters over 40
  • 2016 NPC Texas State Championships
    3rd place Masters
    4th place Open
  • 2016 NPC San Antonio
    3rd place Masters
    3rd place Open
  • 2016 NPC Battle on the Bay
    4th place Masters
    4th place Open

GOALS: To be able to continue competing at the pro level and do so with a healthy body that is performing at an optimal level.

BIO: I am a 44 year old, professional figure competitor, wife and mother of three. I love working out! It’s so much more than lifting weights for me. Staying active with cardio and strength training boosts my mood, helps me sleep better, decreases stress, boosts the immune system, gives me confidence and overall makes me happy. After spending the past 20 years raising children, taking care of our family and supporting the growth and success of my husbands business I decided to pursue the sport of women’s competitive bodybuilding. I found my why. I thrive on the routine, the sweat and breathlessness, the willpower, the discipline and the accomplishment. You are NEVER too old and it’s NEVER too late to chase your dreams.

Jennifer Horan supports Orange Pistil CBD Customized Products
Jennifer Horan supports Orange Pistil CBD Customized Products

HOW DO THE PRODUCTS HELP YOU? The products help my performance in and out of the gym. The oral tincture helps my muscles recover quicker from the demanding workouts. My overall mood is definitely more stable especially while being in a calorie deficit during contest prep. The topical salve is my go to especially for my Old lady knees. Really helps prior to a workout and after.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT ORANGE PISTIL AS A COMPANY? I like that they are a local, Christian and family operated business. They are extremely knowledgeable and have their customers health and wellness as their highest priority. Dusty regularly checks in and asks how things are going and keeps the line of communication open. The service is unmatched.

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