There are many ways that we differ from your average cannabis product retailer. We are a product manufacturer! This means we are in charge of the process from start to finish. Our process includes flower sourcing, extraction of concentrates, submitting for 3rd party lab testing, blending, customizing, and packaging! We have the ability to customize each order to better fit your specific needs! Due to our lack of overhead, and the fact that we make everything from scratch, we are able to offer wholesale prices to our customers! We invite you to shop other brands! Here is how it is done- take the TOTAL COST OF THE PRODUCT and divide by THE TOTAL MG OF CBD in the product. This will give you the cost per mg and that is how you compare apples to apples when shopping for cannabis products. After all, you should not be overcharged for flashy labeling, watered down products, and carriers such as gummy snacks! Ask us how to dose our Oral Tincture for your pets!

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