Lucas Teodoro


HOMETOWN: Espírito Santo do Pinhal / São Paulo / Brazil

• 16 year career
• 5X PBR Brazil Finals Bullfighter
• 2018 PBR World Finals Bullfighter
• 2019/2020 PBR Global Cup Bullfighter

GOALS: To be healthy and have longevity in my career as a professional bullfighter.

BIO: I am a 32 year old professional Bullfighter. I have been fighting bulls for 16 years as of 2020. My career started in my home-country of Brazil. I worked in Brazil as a bullfighter for 19 years and was able to work every event in Brazil that I wanted to work. I then decided to step up and come to U.S. and start a career as a bullfighter here. I’ve been blessed to live my dreams everyday and I am working hard to accomplish other dreams as well. I am Married to Ingrid Zupo and we have a son name Gabriel Teodoro. I believe and love Jesus Christ and I am so thankful for all the opportunities that God gives me!

HOW DO ORANGE PISTIL’S PRODUCTS HELP YOU? The products have been helping me to sleep better and get the pain out of my body. The Oral Tincture also helps me with anxiety. I am feeling good since I have started to use the products from Orange Pistil.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT ORANGE PISTIL AS A COMPANY? What I like about Orange Pistil is the way they treat people and do business right. They spend time with you to help you get better!

Lucas Teodoro, PBR Bullfighter
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